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    Internships at CGB


    Our internship program is a fast-tracked, hands-on learning experience sure to add incredible value in the real-life application of each college student’s classroom-based knowledge.

    With so many different divisions and career types within CGB, we have many different internship positions available. Whether you are interested in operations and merchandising, or even accounting and marketing, we have a role that will fit and enhance your area of concentration.


    Operations Management Intern


    This Internship will provide a hands-on experience that will give the Intern a view of the Operations Management position at CGB. The Intern will be given some of the same training as an Operations Manager as well as a meaningful special project to complete and present at the end of the Internship. The compensation package includes housing and salary.

    Grain Merchandiser Intern


    Grain Merchandisers start as Originators, responsible for building customer relationships with producers. This relationship combined with competitive grain bids and excellent customer service is vital to the origination of bushels of grain for our facilities. Once a Grain Merchandiser starts to understand the grain business they can progress into many different roles.